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What happens when a couple, young guys with passion for business , an eye for the future of technology and a desire to make things better for businesses all over to come together as the global economy becomes the permanent solution for national economic concerns?

We are Perfect Pitch Technologies

It didn’t happen overnight. We discussed, debated, argued, tweaked, tested and tweak again until we solved the problems that most businesses have when it comes to generating leads, setting appointments and generating warm transfers in the most economical and efficient way.


Our mission is to build and manage a dedicated, diligent and hard-working team of experts for each of our clients that are overseen by account-assigned managers and quality control supervisors. Each team member, manager and supervisor is hired, trained and answerable to us.


Initially, our vision was to bring the future of technology to the world of business in a way that could help business owners and CEOs increase their bottom line while still being able to create a positive customer experience from the first contact until the last.

With our knowledge about the capability of technology and our observation that most hosted call centers were not implementing processes that would benefit their clients, we became determined to fill that niche for every business of every size.

Our Service Commitments

We provide a brick-and-mortar building where carefully selected and extensively trained employees work in a comfortable, supervised office environment that includes extensive IT infrastructure, world-class predictive dialers, an in-house team of tech support staff and comprehensive management assigned to each client.


About Your Team

Your Perfect Pitch marketing team consists of complex, multiple layers of management, quality control, Soundboard enhanced agents, voice talent, call center managers and supervisors, as well as team leaders.

Each individual agent works exclusively on one – and only one – of your campaigns. We have learned through the testing and tweaking process that multi-tasking results in less-qualified inferior quality leads and frustrated employees who are unsure of the goals, answers and needs of the clients that they represent.

People take pride in their work when they can see that they are personally successful at achieving the goals for whoever they represent. Our employees are no different. They love to brag to each other about how much they were able to assist their business client each day. They even compete with other teams for such important prizes as a free cup of coffee or donuts the next morning.

In order to do the best possible job with the greatest quality and highest number of targeted leads that show actual return on investments, people need ongoing training, clearly defined goals and the ability to achieve those goals and generate success for your project.

Our employees share our vision. To that end we establish a daily communication system between our office and yours.We have taken their advice and now, each campaign is contacted daily over Skype Voice or Skype Texting.

This consistent communication encourages your team to represent you in every contact in the way that makes you proud.



How Does It Work?

We start by recording your scripts, breaking them down into most appropriate sound bites. We then program each of your team’s stations while simultaneously training them for your project.

  • All projects are launched on Mondays and run until Saturday.

  • Each project takes between 4 and 7 business days depending on the complexity involved.

  • All U.S. Telemarketing Laws are observed and we encourage our clients to do the same for the best outcome.

Now, the only question left is: Are you ready for the future?


How Do We Start?

All projects take between 4-7 business days to start. We start by recording your script, and breaking it into manageable sound bytes. We program the agent stations while hiring and training your staff for your particular project. All projects launch on Mondays and run from Monday to Saturday.

We observe all U.S. Telemarketing Laws and encourage all our clients to be compliant.



These Are The Awesome Benefits.

Benefits of Our Technology

Regardless of the industry or size of your business, you spend a lot of money getting the word out that you exist. And that you have products or services that will benefit your target customers.

To that end, you might use a marketing plan that includes email offers, AdWords, pay per click ads, social media articles and approaches, offline seminars, webinars, pay per call ads, offline contests and community activities – or any combination of those that best fits your budget.

But, the question is: Who is taking those incoming calls and how much is it costing you to identify which are quality leads?

That’s the area of your business where Perfect Pitch delivers the perfect solution for less than what it would cost for you to hire, train and maintain an in-house team of your own.

Benefits of Perfect Pitch Products and Services

Think of Perfect Pitch as an entire ecosystem where services and pricing are substantially lower than setting up your own lead generation, qualification and verification team. We offer the culmination of experience and technology to produce results for a positive, custom-controlled encounter where you are in control.

Unless you are a multi-national corporation, you are unlikely to have an in-house call center. As a matter of fact, many multi-national organizations have turned to outsourcing their call center support teams because it’s just cheaper to do so.

The same is true for the mom-and-pop, start-up business and the mid-level small business with 250 employees. It’s just cheaper to hand-off some of your customer contacts to a hosted call center. With our unique response technology, you add up to 5 different experts for the cost of one telemarketer sitting in your office.

You don’t have to purchase any software and use valuable hours trying to decipher how it works and how to operate it efficiently. We provide the software and operate it for you.

You no longer have to train and retrain new people in a high turnover field. The software part of your contact with customers is done one time and used by each team member that we train exclusively for your account.

Imagine having a dedicated team of specialists working for you night and day at a price that you can afford.


Benefits of Multiple Employee Types

Soundboard Fronter

 the “agent” expert that does your prospecting and initial qualifications using the Soundboard technology.

Soundboard Closer

Closes those sales that are ready to be closed immediately.

English Speaker Closer

One of our own employees who speaks fluent English and closes the sale for you.


English Speaker Verifier

one of our own employees who speaks fluent English and verifies the sale or collects necessary data on your behalf.

Quality Control Agent

one of our employees who is assigned to coach and listen to your team to ensure that your message is properly relayed and information is gathered in accordance with all U.S. telemarketing laws.

Team Manager

one of our expert employees who manages your entire lead generation ecosystem and is your personal assistant in matters involving your team.



Multiple Campaign Configurations

You choose the next step in the sales process for each of your team experts:

Soundboard Fronter to Soundboard Closer

Soundboard Fronter to English Speaker Closer


Soundboard Fronter to English Speaker Verifier – especially for web generated sales

Soundboard Fronter to Soundboard Closer to English Speaker Verifier

Which suits your sales needs best?



Benefits of Offshore Location

Almost any type of campaign can be run via our Perfect Pitch platform .

Our offices in the Philippines are built, staffed and owned by Perfect Pitch. There are many native English speakers who live in the islands from Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S. The cost of living in the Philippines is considerably less than that in their native countries which is one of the reasons that they have chosen to live there.

As a result, the wages are lower than those in their native countries and we pass that benefit on to you.


Why You Should Choose

The most expensive cost to any business is identify qualified, quality leads and closing the sale. There are tons of ways to generate actual leads but once a lead comes to your sales team, do you have ready response specialists who know how to weed out the curious and cull the field of mediocrity?

 Perfect Pitch Technologies

Perfect Pitch transfers incoming lead responses to our call center where your personalized team is prepared to do the weeding and cutting for you. Using the latest in pre-recorded audio software technology, your enterprise pitch and response scripts ask and answer all the questions until the call is handed off to your in-house staff.

With our industry expertise in the sales process and our unique software application, you are lowering your own lead generation costs significantly – instead of wasting your reps time talking to unqualified, lookey-loos who are not yet ready to do business with you.

Perfect Pitch was designed and created as a solution for call centers around the world to perfect their global marketing strategies. The designers and operators are an American team of young go-getters. These guys know the importance of managers, programmers and tech teams that understand how vital speed and quality are for your business to succeed.

Most multi-national organizations have morphed their employee’s jobs from specialists to multi-tasking agents who know a lot about generalities and very little about specifics. When it comes to marketing and sales, multi-tasking is very much overrated.

Your team needs to be a specialist in your industry and understand the quirks and niches of your market – not of everyone else’s business. This is why we provide you with your own personal team that works exclusively on your leads.

You can even choose how big or small your team will be. Do you want an agent that is devoted to prospecting and qualifying leads? Do you want an agent that can close the deal or one to transfer the lead to an English speaking closer? Do you prefer to verify the leads yourself or do you want to include a team member that verifies the sales on your behalf?

Regardless of how in-depth you want Perfect Pitch to be involved in your marketing delivery system, every member of the team you choose will be under the supervision of our quality control agent and a team manager.

Best of all, the entire team are our employees. We do not transfer your order to any third party to handle any part of your lead generation or sales.

What this means for you is that we have the ability to manage your account and improve your sales process every step along the way so that your results continuously get better.

5 Reasons to Choose Us Over Everyone Else


  • You control the script, the team size and the process
  • Your lead generation costs are substantially reduced
  • You decide the quality and quantity of leads desired
  • Your team, employed only by us, work only on your leads
  • We provide the training and quality control needed for your team to be successful


Listen to our Perfect Pitch in action!


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We welcome the opportunity to talk to you and earn your business. Our prices are extremly affordable starting at just $5.00 per hour for five agents.